WhatsApp introduced the new feature of “editing a sent message” within 15 minutes.

WhatsApp introduced the new feature of “editing a sent message” within 15 minutes.

With the motive of integrating with other social media platforms like Signal and Telegram, WhatsApp introduced a new feature in its app that, they say, will allow users to edit messages.

Any user who is using WhatsApp can edit a sent message for up to 15 minutes.

WhatsApp is owned by Meta, a US-based technology firm that also owns Instagram and Facebook.

Around 2 billion users of WhatsApp, including its largest and most targeted market, India, with 487 million users, can use the new feature in the upcoming weeks.

We’re delighted to give you greater authority over your chats, the messaging platform wrote in a blog post on Monday, “from fixing a simple mistake to adding extra information to a message.”

The notification said, “All you have to do is long-press on a sent text and select ‘Edit’ from the menu for up to fifteen minutes following.

Edited messages will have the “edited” tag, letting receivers know that the text has been updated. They won’t, however, be informed of the changes made to the message over time.

Following Signal and Telegram’s introductions of the feature, WhatsApp made its announcement.

Facebook, a social media platform, first made the edit feature available roughly ten years ago. At that time, Facebook disclosed that over half of its users accessed the website via mobile devices, which are more prone to typos.

Modified updates on Facebook are identified as such. The users can also view the history of the edits.

Twitter, Elon Musk’s social media platform, announced a year ago that it would allow paid subscribers to edit their tweets. The first 30 minutes after a tweet is posted allow for multiple edits.


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