San Francisco officials are looking into whether Elon Musk’s proposed “Twitter Hotel” violates any rules.

San Francisco officials are looking into whether Elon Musk’s proposed “Twitter Hotel” violates any rules.

Six former employees of Twitter have accused the company’s leadership team of breaking the law by converting its corporate headquarters into a “Twitter Hotel” for employees who were required to work late hours in order to develop the social media platform. As a result, “San Francisco authorities” have opened an investigation into the matter.

On May 19, the “San Francisco Department” of Building Inspection announced that another complaint had been filed and that an inquiry into the new charges had been launched.

The “San Francisco Chronicle” previously reported on the city’s most recent inquiry into the business Mr. Musk took over in the latter part of last year.

The former employees also assert that Mr. Musk’s team directed multiple illegal changes to the company’s headquarters, which are housed in an “Art Deco” structure from the 1930s in downtown San Francisco. According to the lawsuit, these modifications included “turning off the lights” and “installing locks that couldn’t be opened in an emergency.”

Tracy Hawkins, the “former vice president” of workplace and real estate at Twitter, who was in charge of overseeing the organisation’s physical offices and leases, is one of the petitioners. According to the lawsuit, Ms. Hawkins wasn’t initially against Mr. Musk’s takeover, but she “was compelled to leave when Mr. Musk and his management team demanded that she break her professional standards by causing Twitter to deliberately violate its rules and other obligations.” The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Musk declined to pay the building’s rent.

Elon Musk and San Francisco government representatives have had disagreements in the past. Mr. Musk acquired Twitter for “$44 billion in October,” slashed most of the personnel, and turned a portion of the company’s offices into rooms.

In order to continue using two conference rooms as bedrooms, the San Francisco building inspectors who gave Twitter’s construction contractor that deadline earlier this year said the company was required to submit an amended building use permit within two weeks.

After Forbes published a story about the beds, the city opened an investigation, which prompted Mr. Musk criticized Mayor of San Francisco,  London Breed, despite the absence of any evidence to support her involvement in the inspection.


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