Vegan leather, an ethical alternative for traditional leather

Vegan leather, an ethical alternative for traditional leather

With global warming and the sustainable alternatives being the need of the hour vegan leather is something which we all can get behind. Now being endorsed by several well known personalities such as Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson and Serena Williams vegan leather has gained a lot of popularity now which has convinced many designers to get their hands on it.

Vegan leather can be classified into two categories: Synthetic leather and plant based leather. In simple terms any leather made without the use of animal products is called vegan leather. It can be made from various pants such as cactus and even pineapples as well.

The biggest reason why this a trend we should all get behind is that synthetic leather is less harmful to the planet than cow leather. Stating the very obvious, traditional leather is amongst the top five least environmentally sustainable products as it’s productions increases the greenhouse gases and depletion of fossil fuels along with large scale animal cruelty


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