XPCover Technologies: The Distinguished One In The Insurance Business

XPCover Technologies: The Distinguished One In The Insurance Business

XPCover is developing at the fastest pace in the API commercial center for the insurance business. Its central mission is to make insurance progressions on an overall scale. The factors that distinguish them among others are their development, their innovation, Advanced ML for a product recommendation, fraud detection, multiple insurance-specific apps integrated. 

Their sole line of business is a family of products based on API-based technology for a faster digital ecosystem. Digital Ecosystem for Insurance provides customer engagement, expanded market access, and improved branding which can manifest themselves in increased revenue. In addition, operational efficiency gains decreased cost and improved risk management can enhance insurers’ overall expense positions. It also gives insurance Warranties, Personal Insurance, Commercial Insurance, and millions of other insurance products on a global scale from a single API. An advanced ML for a product recommendation, detecting frauds, predicting driving behavior, and using Geo-Location to identify risks are all part of their Insurance Platform. 

They are positioned as an Insurance Middle Office/ Middleware to power numerous insurance applications and API platforms. It is a development and connectivity platform for fast innovations by insurance carriers, channels, entities, and fintech players among others. They are creating innovations on a rapid scale which has various perks like, it is easy to use, has 100% compliance, can sell unlimited insurance products, has a customized mailer system, and many more features. 

The Business Ecosystem comprises fully functioning solution for car dealerships, bank Application to enable Banks to protect their business using bundled Insurance products, POS application to enable the large aggregators to sell Insurance from their based across multiple geographies, life insurance distribution platform, both personal and commercial products, connecting both traditional and digital channels to multiple insurers. 

There is a single API back for many insurance products. There is a product recommendation engine to optimize earnings for you. They have partners across the globe right from India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Turkey, and South Africa. On-demand term insurance, geolocation enabled commercial insurance and many such products are being worked on. 

Their VAULT application is for the Banking industry to enable them in selling insurance in an easy and optimized way. Built for general, life, and group life insurance products, having a variety of workflows, and integrated with many machine learning components, and works with their world-class cloud API management system where hundreds of insurance APIs are integrated. 

Their website is  https://xpcover.com/  .  


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