Chandresh as a Doctor and Social Worker has made the Nation Proud with his Good Deeds

Chandresh as a Doctor and Social Worker has made the Nation Proud with his Good Deeds

Finding a selfless act in this selfish world is very tough. We as a society and as individuals have become so lost in our own lives that we have forgotten the joy of sharing happiness with others. Proudly serving the people of his nation Dr. Chandresh is an inspiration for others. He is truly an angel in the form of a doctor.

Dr. Chandresh started his career as a dentist and gained many achievements. He became the Youngest Member Dental Council of India elected court of Barkatullah University in the year 2013 and also the Bhopal Representative of India in Young Dentist Worldwide. 

But what is greater than his list of achievements is his heart. The man has contributed himself to numerous selfless activities. He never misses a chance to help others. Social service is the prime duty for him. 

Even when Chandresh was getting married he invited 100 specially-abled children from different shelters across the city. The event was appreciated by the national and international media. The good gesture by Mr. Chandresh helped in boosting the morale and confidence of those children.

Chandresh is a doctor, and he has taken his responsibility to work in the welfare of others very seriously in his personal and professional life. During the pandemic the role of a dentist is beyond dentistry, he is a frontline warrior combating the situation. 

The importance of oral health care cannot be ignored even in a pandemic. Dentists have worked hard to ensure the safety of others and themselves. Chandresh has also worked rigorously in the pandemic to ensure his service to his nation.

The constant desire of sharing his happiness with others makes him different from others and a better human being. 

He became a doctor to serve humankind and each day he serves humanity by helping the needy ones. He is involved in many social services. His colleagues love him and his patients adore him. He is an inspiration for others, his kindness and dedication for others is heart touching.


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