Jamal Edwards’ family established a nonprofit in his honour

Jamal Edwards’ family established a nonprofit in his honour

Jamal Edwards’ family has indicated that a charity will be established in his honour. “Honor his memory and continue his legacy,” says the Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust.

The 31-year-old founder of SBTV died unexpectedly in February, prompting tributes from Dave, Ed Sheehan, and Prince Charles. Brenda, Jamal’s mother and a panellist on Loose Women, announced the news on social media.

The trust’s goals are to help with “causes that mattered most to Jamal,” such as combating homelessness, supporting people with mental health challenges, and giving young people critical life skills, according to a statement.

For at least the last ten years, Jamal has spent every Christmas day volunteering at a homeless shelter, the family says.

Jamal’s family has set a £250,000 fundraising goal, with several thousand dollars already raised. According to the organisation, it will also fund “programmes to assist with mental health difficulties” as well as “specialised programmes aimed to address issues of self-confidence and other psychological challenges.”

Jamal was 15 years old when he received a camcorder for Christmas and began shooting his pals rapping on the council estate in Acton, west London, where he grew up.

In 2006, he founded SBTV, which stands for his rap name SmokeyBarz, and began uploading videos of emerging talent to YouTube at a time when the internet was still in its infancy and rap and grime were unheard of in the charts.

Jamal was a multimillionaire by the age of 23 and used his fortune to benefit others.

According to his family, the trust will continue its focus on “empowering youth” by “hosting specialised programmes aimed at helping young people from underprivileged backgrounds prepare for adult life, providing them with essential life skills training, and supported by an access to industry programme.”


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