Boris Johnson said that the vaccination program in the UK will go 24/7 soon

Boris Johnson said that the vaccination program in the UK will go 24/7 soon

Britain’s Prime minister Boris Johnson pledged that the healthcare service of Britain will soon work non-stop to vaccinate the population. Johnson said the vaccine program will be run around the clock seven days a week “as soon as we can.”

The UK is accelerating its effort to vaccinate millions of people as soon as people. Johnson told the parliament that “We’ll be going to 24/7 as soon as we can.” 

He also added that “at the moment, the limit is on supply” the healthcare system of the country is ready to jab millions.

The decision to accelerate the vaccination programs came after the new mutant strain of COVID-19 is spreading quickly all over the place and driving hospitals to their breaking point.

UK is already in an indefinite lockdown to restrict the new strain of COVID-19. Except for essential shops other places are closed, people are working from home and even schools are offering online classes as a safety measure. 

At the first stage if vaccination in the UK people over 50 years, frontline health care workers, nursing home residents, and people who are at risk or have vulnerable health conditions will be prioritized. The first includes almost 15 million people.

Britain is currently using two vaccines  Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca and the third one made by Moderna has been approved, but its delivery is not expected before spring. 

Britain has witnessed the deadliest coronavirus outbreak in Europe with over 83,000 deaths.The hospitals are shifting patients into hotels to ease the pressure. 


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