The magic mushroom was growing in the blood of a bipolar man

The magic mushroom was growing in the blood of a bipolar man

The magic mushroom was growing in the blood of a bipolar man

A 30 years old man suffering from bipolar disorder injected himself with magic mushrooms which ultimately leads to his organ failure. The man brewed psychedelic mushrooms and injected them into his veins.

The case report was published in a Journal which states that the family of the man brought him to the hospital after they noticed changes in his behavior. 

The man is suffering from bipolar disorder type 1, and he has been avoiding medication for a few weeks, so he had been going through a manic and depressive phase. 

In recent times he has researched how to decrease his opioid consumption at home and ended up finding that magic mushrooms’ the ability to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Psychedelic mushrooms aka magic mushroom have the drug psilocybin that is found helpful in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, the drug is not to be injected directly. The drug is consumed directly in the form of powder or tablet.

The man boiled the mushroom, then filtered the mixture, and then injected it into his veins. After a few days, his health deteriorated, and he started vomited blood, and developed jaundice, diarrhea, and nausea, and became overly tired.  

His family took him to the hospitals where the doctors find out that he had a liver injury, his kidneys weren’t functioning properly and his organs have started to stop working. 

His blood samples shocked everyone. They revealed that the mushroom was growing in his blood. The mushroom needs a dark and moist place to thrive. 

He was put on a ventilator and his blood was filtered for toxins. After 22 days of treatment, he was discharged from the hospital


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