Trump’s Truth Social app has been dubbed a flop

Trump’s Truth Social app has been dubbed a flop

Donald Trump declared in October that he was going to start a new technological firm.

The software was introduced on Presidents’ Day, February 21, but has been plagued by issues six weeks later. It has approximately 1.5 million people on its waiting list who are unable to use it.

Truth Social appears to be quite similar to Twitter, which banned Mr Trump after a mob of his followers attacked the US Capitol Building.

Truth Social was one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store on February 21st, but many of those who downloaded it were unable to use it.

This issue was expected to be fixed quickly, and Mr Trump would begin posting his “truths” in the coming days – but neither of these things occurred.

While YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are among the top ten most downloaded applications, Truth Social is not among the top 100, according to Similar Web.

Many major voices on the American right have stayed away, so those who do get in may find it a little empty.

According to another survey, downloads have dropped by as much as 95%.

Devin Nunes, the CEO of Truth Social, indicated that the company hoped to be “fully operational” by the end of March.

Experts are mystified as to why the app is having so many issues.

Some have cited Truth Social’s connection with Rumble, a video-sharing platform that resembles YouTube, as one of those.

Mr Trump is reportedly enraged, questioning why more individuals aren’t using Truth Social.

He has about 750,000 followers, yet has not released a “truth” in over a month.

Despite its bad press, Truth Social has the potential to compete with Gab and Gettr.

Mr Trump retains his star power, and any “free speech” app would go to great lengths to get him on board. True

Social, on the other hand, has recently gotten a little awkward.

A platform that was expected to be able to take on Silicon Valley’s giants has struggled to get off the ground.


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