Deadly Gas Explosion Rocks Nairobi, Leaving Scores Injured

Deadly Gas Explosion Rocks Nairobi, Leaving Scores Injured

A devastating gas explosion in Nairobi’s Embakasi district has claimed the lives of at least three individuals and left nearly 300 others injured in its wake.

The catastrophe unfolded when a gas-laden truck erupted into flames around 23:30 local time, triggering a massive fireball that engulfed nearby structures and vehicles, causing extensive damage. Initial reports suggested the explosion occurred at a gas plant during cylinder refilling operations, but authorities later clarified that the blast originated from a truck parked in the facility’s yard.

Rescue efforts are underway as emergency responders comb through the wreckage, while concerns linger over potential casualties and missing persons. The Kenya Red Cross has mobilised medical teams to treat the injured, with over 270 individuals transported to hospitals for urgent care. Search and rescue teams are diligently scouring the area to locate any trapped survivors or victims.

The grim aftermath of the explosion underscores the urgent need for coordinated relief efforts and support for affected communities. Witnesses recounted feeling tremors and witnessing widespread destruction as the blast rattled the neighbourhood, leaving many reeling from shock and devastation.

As authorities grapple to contain the situation, questions arise about the regulatory oversight of the gas plant, which the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has deemed illegal. The inferno, fueled by flying gas cylinders, razed commercial properties, warehouses, and residential homes, exacerbating the tragedy.

Survivors shared harrowing tales of escape and survival, with many sustaining inhalation injuries and severe burns in the chaos. Boniface Sifuna, one of the injured, recounted narrowly escaping the explosion, while others described the scene as akin to an earthquake, leaving their livelihoods and businesses in ruins.

Government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura assured the public of ongoing efforts to manage the crisis and urged cooperation to facilitate rescue operations effectively. With a command centre established to oversee relief endeavours, authorities emphasise the importance of avoiding the cordoned area to streamline rescue efforts and minimise disruptions.

As Nairobi grapples with the aftermath of this tragic incident, the focus remains on providing aid and support to those affected while conducting a thorough investigation into the explosion’s cause to prevent future calamities.



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