Ukraine Urges US Congress to Pass an Aid Bill Amid Fear of War Escalation

Ukraine Urges US Congress to Pass an Aid Bill Amid Fear of War Escalation

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has issued a stark warning, stating that if Ukraine loses its conflict with Russia, it could lead to a “Third World War.” He urged the US Congress to pass a long-stalled foreign aid bill worth $61 billion earmarked for Kyiv, expressing cautious optimism that lawmakers would approve the measure.

The proposed legislation, set for a vote in the House of Representatives, includes funding not only for Ukraine but also for Israel and the Indo-Pacific region. Shmyhal emphasised the urgency of the situation, stressing the need for immediate financial support to safeguard Ukraine’s security.

Shmyhal’s warning echoes previous concerns raised by Ukrainian officials, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, who warned of the potential for broader conflict if Russia prevails. However, Kremlin officials have dismissed such claims as Western propaganda, with President Vladimir Putin labelling them as “complete nonsense.”

The ongoing impasse in Congress over the aid package has had significant repercussions on the battlefield, with Ukraine facing challenges due to ammunition shortages and declining morale. The recent retreat from Avdiivka underscored the impact of dwindling supplies, prompting urgent appeals from Zelensky for additional military assistance.

General Sir Richard Barrons, a former UK military commander, expressed concerns about Ukraine’s ability to withstand Russian aggression without adequate support. He highlighted Russia’s overwhelming advantage in artillery and ammunition, warning of the risk of defeat unless Ukraine receives the necessary weapons and resources.

Both Ukraine and Russia have suffered heavy casualties in the conflict, with tens of thousands of soldiers killed or injured on both sides. Russia’s military buildup and aggressive tactics have intensified the fighting, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the region.

As Ukraine grapples with the challenges of warfare, President Zelensky has called for international solidarity and support to confront Russian aggression. The outcome of the aid bill vote will not only impact Ukraine’s ability to defend itself but also shape the broader geopolitical landscape in Eastern Europe.



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