US Vetoes UN Resolution for Palestinian Statehood

US Vetoes UN Resolution for Palestinian Statehood

The United States found itself in solitary opposition on Thursday as it vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution proposing full UN membership and statehood for the Palestinian territories. Despite receiving support from twelve of the 15 council members, the resolution failed due to the US veto, with Britain and Switzerland opting to abstain.

Had the resolution succeeded, it would have progressed to the UN General Assembly, where a two-thirds majority among the 193 member countries would have been necessary for approval. Currently, approximately 140 UN members acknowledge the Palestinian territories as a sovereign state.

US officials argue that endorsing statehood at this juncture could undermine the prospects of achieving a lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, stressing the importance of a mutually agreed-upon solution.

President Biden’s representative, Robert Wood, reiterated the administration’s stance, emphasising the necessity of a two-state solution reached through mutual consent. He stressed that prematurely pursuing statehood at the UN would not serve the Palestinian people’s interests.

Despite widespread anticipation of the US veto, the majority of the council supported the resolution. Many criticised the US’s unwavering support for Israel, attributing ongoing Palestinian challenges partly to this stance. Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya condemned the US veto as an attempt to resist historical inevitability.

Even among the US’s closest allies on the council, there was limited support for the veto. Britain, for example, explained its abstention by advocating for Palestinian statehood within a broader framework.

The resolution’s sponsor, Algeria, remained steadfast in its commitment to the cause of Palestinian statehood until it was realized. Palestinian Authority representative Ziad Abu Amr questioned how granting Palestinian statehood could hinder peace efforts, highlighting historical parallels with Israel’s establishment.

Israel’s UN Ambassador, Gilad Erdan, vehemently opposed the resolution, disputing the suitability of a Palestinian state for UN membership criteria.



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