R-Infrastructure Services – the support system of Foodpreneurs.

R-Infrastructure Services – the support system of Foodpreneurs.

Talk about the most dynamic industry and the food industry is sure to be at the top of your mind. Being one of the most sought-after industries, it has helped many foodpreneurs to satisfy the food cravings of gastronomes and maximise their growth every year. If food flavours excite you and you are passionate to be a foodpreneur, Restaurant Infrastructure Services (R-Infra) is your answer.

Restaurant Infrastructure Services (R-Infra), is a one-stop solution for setting up restaurants, QSR, Café, Lounge bars, and casual dining. They are the industry pioneers and have carved a niche with their innovative ideas and flamboyant design. Some of the services they offer are franchising, equity funding, interior designing & building, kitchen designing & Equipment manufacturing, menu engineering & development, and licensing. R-Infra has created a marketplace that allows clients to get an unmatched reach across multiple platforms, learn the vitals of entrepreneurship, find new business opportunities, network, be inspired by their peers, and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Akash Shetty – the founder of Restaurant Infrastructure Services (R-Infra) is a firm believer that innovation and technology have the power to change the world. His vision was to simplify the food industry and organise it for all those who would want to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with the food industry. The company has associated currently with more than 26 brands and has delivered more than 108 projects to date. 

Restaurant Infrastructure Services (R-Infra) is looking forward to signing 150 franchise deals by 2021. The company is looking forward to achieving a 10-15 crore turnover with 150 franchises. Akash Shetty says, “In next five years down the line we are looking forward to making every brand associated with us to be 100 outlets in India.

Some of the popular clients of R-Infra include Chai Pe Charcha, Rocky Rolls, Bombay Sultani Biryani house, Bombay Gourmet Store, The Kettlery Tea Room, The Chocolate Room and The cloud 9 Fitness club among others. 

If starting your chain of restaurants has been your dream, let Restaurant Infrastructure Services assist you. Their expertise and state-of-the-art technology are a boon to the foodpreneurs. Visit https://www.r-infra.in/ to know more about the company or reach out to them at +91 98206 62990 for an immediate response.


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