32 Watts, an Indian Startup Working Towards Electrifying Smiles

32 Watts, an Indian Startup Working Towards Electrifying Smiles

What is the first thing that you observe when you meet a new person? It is the smile. Isn’t it? But in a few cases, people tend to smile reluctantly. This is because of their teeth alignment. Sometimes this results in under confidence. To get their dream smile people used metallic braces for teeth alignment. But the world is progressing, metal braces have been replaced by clear aligners or invisible braces.

To help people increase their confidence with their beautiful smiles, brand 32 Watts was launched by Render Wise Solutions Pvt Ltd. Render Wise Solutions Pvt Ltd was started by Dr Nidhi Singh, Ruchi Tayal Agrawal and Sanjay Pathak in 2017. 32 Watts has been in the clear aligner industry for 4 years. They have more than 2000 teeth alignment treatments to their credit. 32 Watts is a startup that works mainly to bring confident smiles to people’s faces. Their main motive is to align teeth to perfection. As the name 32 Watts suggests, it gives you an electrifying smile.

Now, these independent women directors (Dr Nidhi Singh & Ruchi Tayal Agrawal) have taken a significant step and are undergoing a collaborative study with AIIMS (New Delhi) on Clear Aligners. AIIMS needs no introduction. Their research and academic capabilities are second to none. Taking this into consideration both directors decided to collaborate with AIIMS(Delhi) for a better and clear future. This collaborative study gives a win-win situation for both the startup and the institution.

RenderWise Solutions is the parent company of 32 Watts. It bestows responsible and precise solutions for 3D printing, CAD, Laser. It is run under the able guidance of Rahul Agrawal as Head-Technology. Having more than 100 years of cumulative experience in healthcare and engineering and aspiring professionals onboard, RenderWise is serving clients worldwide. They shape imagination into reality with 3D printing. Services by RenderWise are-

Fast and reliable
Highly Accurate

Now let’s see the main features of the brainchild of RenderWise that is the 32 Watts:

Aligners by 32 Watts are transparent and invisible to others. They can’t be seen until you tell them. These aligners are worry-free and have no brackets. Being extremely smooth and hassle-free 32 Watts aligners are comfortable to use.

Metal or ceramic braces cannot be removed temporarily. But these special invisible aligners by 32 Watts are removable. With these aligners on, one doesn’t need to restrict their diet, as aligners are removable. You are free to eat the foods of your choice with no restrictions.
As these aligners are removable, you can remove them to brush and floss your teeth to maintain the best oral hygiene.

These are custom made for you and will fit you perfectly.
Both customer service and customer reviews of 32 Watts are amazing. This startup is ranked among the 10 best startups in Delhi – NCR 2019 by silicon India. Not only this but the company also has a lot of other achievements. So, what are you waiting for? Get your teeth aligned right away.
Electrify your smile by visiting their website: https://32watts.com


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