Putin Warns Against Western Troop Deployment in Ukraine

Putin Warns Against Western Troop Deployment in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a stern warning to Western nations contemplating troop deployment in Ukraine, cautioning that such actions could lead to dire consequences. Speaking during his annual state of the nation address, Putin accused the West of instigating an arms race and attempting to embroil Russia in conflict.

Putin underscored the necessity for Russia to bolster its defences along its western border, particularly with Sweden and Finland joining NATO. He lambasted the West for allegedly fabricating claims about Russia’s intentions to attack Europe, blaming them for provoking the conflict in Ukraine.

Responding to French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on potential NATO ground troops in Ukraine, Putin emphasised the potential tragic repercussions for interventionists. He asserted Russia’s capability to strike targets on their territory, warning of the peril of nuclear conflict and the annihilation of civilization.

While NATO countries like the US, Germany, and the UK rejected the notion of deploying ground troops in Ukraine, the US criticised Putin’s rhetoric on nuclear warfare. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller condemned Putin’s statements as irresponsible for a nuclear-armed leader.

Putin boasted of Russia’s advanced weaponry, including hypersonic aircraft and unmanned underwater vehicles, asserting the full readiness of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces. He acknowledged the conflict in Ukraine as a “war,” contrary to his previous description of it as a “special military operation.”

Addressing domestic issues ahead of Russia’s presidential election, Putin outlined plans for tax modernization, pension reforms, and incentives to address the country’s declining birth rate and life expectancy. He encouraged healthier lifestyles, jokingly urging people to “stop drinking and start skiing.”

The two-hour speech, attended by senior politicians, business leaders, and religious figures, was broadcast across Moscow and screened in cinemas nationwide. However, there was no mention of opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s death, a contentious issue, with his widow blaming Putin for his demise.

As Putin’s election campaign took shape, his address served as a comprehensive agenda for Russia’s future direction, blending national defence concerns with domestic policy initiatives aimed at revitalising the nation’s prospects.



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