Omicron: Three vaccine doses are required for variant protection

Omicron: Three vaccine doses are required for variant protection

According to UK experts, two doses of the COVID vaccination are insufficient to prevent infection with the Omicron form.

Early testing of Omicron and Delta cases in the United Kingdom revealed that the immunizations were less successful in preventing the new types.

A third booster, on the other hand, prevents about 75% of patients from developing COVID symptoms.

Meanwhile, Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove, who convened a meeting with devolved nations’ first ministers this afternoon, cautioned that the UK is facing a very worrisome scenario.

A total of 448 Omicron cases have been confirmed in the UK, bringing the overall number of cases to 1,265. There were 58,194 COVID instances recorded on Friday, the most since January 9.

The government has said that it will update its recommendations for care facilities in England, reducing the number of visitors per resident and enhancing testing to balance the existing COVID-19 risk.

One of the main concerns since the widely changed Omicron variant was first revealed was that it would make vaccines less effective.

To determine how effective the immunizations were against the new variation, the UK Health Security Agency analysed data from 581 Omicron cases and thousands of Delta cases.

The Moderna and Janssen vaccines were not studied because there was insufficient data, but there is no reason to believe they would provide different results.

Vaccines are still likely to provide good protection against severe COVID that demands hospitalisation, according to the UK Health Security Agency. Approximately 22 million individuals have received a booster dose so far, but even if everyone was vaccinated, millions of people would still be vulnerable.

The sudden increase in Omicron cases suggested that the variation was bypassing some of the vaccine’s protection. According to the UKHSA, Omicron will account for more than half of all cases in the country by mid-December, and if present growth rates continue, there will be more than 100,000 instances each day by the end of the month.

The Department of Health and Social Care stated that testing will be increased for fully vaccinated residents going outdoors and for staff and that vaccination teams will be extended to improve booster jab take-up.


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