Covid-19: In England, face masks are required in more indoor settings

Covid-19: In England, face masks are required in more indoor settings

To combat the Omicron strain, face coverings are now required in most indoor venues in England. Under the new laws, people must wear masks at theatres, cinemas, houses of worship, museums, and indoor sports stadiums.

The government’s transition to so-called Plan B COVID limits will begin next week. Businesses, on the other hand, are concerned about the impact of COVID passes and work-from-home instructions.

According to Small Business Minister Paul Scully, “Limitations are undoubtedly challenging for enterprises, but the government is trying to get the balance right by not shutting down the economy and instead imposing proportionate measures.”

On Thursday, another 249 cases of the Omicron type were reported in the UK, bringing the total number of cases to 817. The genuine figure, however, is thought to be substantially higher. Other UK nations that have control over their COVID laws have already implemented harsher limits comparable to Plan B.

In response to the introduction of the Omicron version, the obligation to wear a facial covering was reinstated in stores and on public transportation at the end of November.

They are not, however, required in hospitality establishments such as pubs and restaurants, nor in places where they are not feasible to wear, such as gyms.

In community centres, members’ clubs, libraries, bingo halls, snooker halls, casinos, and bowling alleys, the public, as well as those working in public-facing areas, will henceforth be forced to wear face coverings. Other parts of the UK have already implemented mask regulations in indoor situations.

Attendance at religious services, weddings, and funerals will not require the presence of a COVID passport.

However, the Night-Time Industries Association has warned that COVID passes could have a devastating impact on clubs during the critical pre-Christmas period, while bars and restaurants have warned that the work-from-home guidance will result in a drop in demand during their busiest season.


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