Networking, the Unlikely Champion for Study Abroad Aspirants!

Networking, the Unlikely Champion for Study Abroad Aspirants!

Network, Network, and Network, answers Neil, Product Manager, Amazon Web Services, when asked if he had any advice for students aspiring for an international career. This sentiment has been unanimously echoed by every alumni who has now established their flourishing career abroad.

For freshers in India, the focus is mainly on academics; make sure you are at the top of your class to secure a top-class placement. However, the situation is flipped when this topper reaches overseas. For students abroad, although academics is important, an essential factor that determines internships and job placements is networking! It is about stepping out of your comfort bubble and establishing connections.

Right from connecting with your fellow classmates and professors to access opportunities on campus, to establishing contacts during career fairs to build your professional network, your proactiveness defines the number and quality of prospects that come your way.

A platform that has revolutionized professional networking is LinkedIn! Updating your LinkedIn profile and connecting with professionals via the platform has become one of the most popular ways to expand your network. However, LinkedIn has its own limitations, especially for a novice. It can be intimidating, and one may not have clarity on how, when, and whom to approach.

Converge is the outcome of years of experience facilitating students to master the networking game. It has been designed as a convenient and user-friendly engagement platform solely for global education aspirants to help ease the network-building process. With over 80 established mentors currently on the App, representing leading international universities and top MNCs, Converge subscribers can now interact directly with these trailblazers and plunge into the networking game right from the point go! Students can chat with these mentors with an informative reply that can elevate their collegiate and career prospects abroad.

A global education brings with it several opportunities; however, it is crucial that an aspirant knows how and when to optimize these for their ultimate benefit. Converge is such a utilitarian opportunity available for students to cement their connections.

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