In Belfast, pop singer Taylor Swift poses for selfies

In Belfast, pop singer Taylor Swift poses for selfies

You might assume that seeing American pop sensation Taylor Swift on a night out in Belfast is something you’d only see in your ‘Wildest Dreams.’

But that’s exactly what happened last week to a few lucky locals and hospitality personnel.

The star cheerfully posed for photographs when she visited Belfast, according to staff at a Belfast bar who posted on social media. She was in town with her lover, actor Joe Alwyn, according to bartenders.

Swift went to the Tipsy Bird bar in the city centre, which was one of the places he visited.

She met Tiernán Heffron, a 22-year-old singer who performs at the bar every Friday night and is a major Swift admirer.

“Until she showed up, it was simply like any other gig in Belfast. “No one had expected her to show up, “he told BBC News Northern Ireland.

Someone came over to inform me that Taylor Swift had just walked in as I was getting ready.

My back knees had just dropped. I was ecstatic because any other singer-songwriter would have fantasized about this opportunity, so I just said, “Let’s do it.” “ My heart was racing at a breakneck pace. I really went for it and got her up and dancing to ‘Tell My Ma’; she was having a great time. “

Mr. Heffron was even asked for a selfie by Swift. “ ’You’re so good – how can I follow you?’ she exclaimed with a wide smile right in the thick of it. Mr. Heffron explained.

“She gave me a tip for playing, said she liked my music, and told me, ‘You deserve this.’”

The Tipsy Bird claimed in a Facebook post: “Last Friday night, the one and only Taylor Swift graced us with her presence.

We can confirm that she is as lovely as you could anticipate, and she was gracious enough to pose for a photo with our crew.


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