A biographical film about Donald Trump creates a buzz at Cannes

A biographical film about Donald Trump creates a buzz at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival recently hosted the world premiere of a new film centered around Donald Trump, titled “The Apprentice.” Despite garnering mostly positive reviews from critics, the film faced backlash from the former president, who issued a legal threat against it.

“The Apprentice” delves into Trump’s early years as a burgeoning property developer in 1970s and 80s New York. Notably, the movie includes controversial scenes, such as one depicting Trump allegedly raping his first wife, Ivana. Trump’s spokesperson condemned the film as “garbage” and “pure fiction,” accusing Hollywood elites of meddling in elections.

Directed by Iranian-Danish filmmaker Ali Abbasi, “The Apprentice” offers a nuanced portrayal of Trump’s ascent to power, blending sympathetic moments with harsh realities. The film received an enthusiastic eight-minute standing ovation at Cannes, sparking anticipation and debate.

Trump’s campaign director threatened legal action against the filmmakers, asserting that the movie propagated debunked lies. In response, Abbasi urged Trump’s team to watch the film before taking legal action, expressing confidence that Trump might be surprised by its content.

Despite differing opinions, critics generally praised the film for its compassionate yet critical examination of Trump’s character. However, some felt it veered into irrelevance, while others saw it as an indictment of Trump’s legacy.

In light of its premiere amidst Trump’s ongoing trial in Manhattan, “The Apprentice” has ignited discussions about the portrayal of political figures in cinema and their real-life implications.


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