Zendaya admires Tom Holland’s career management.

Zendaya admires Tom Holland’s career management.

Zendaya shared rare sentiments about her boyfriend, Tom Holland, in a joint interview with Vogue and British Vogue. The “Challengers” star commended her “Spider-Man: Homecoming” co-star for his graceful handling of the sudden fame following the film’s release in 2017.

Reflecting on their journey, Zendaya noted the abrupt shift in Holland’s life post-Spider-Man, from being an ordinary kid to a superhero overnight. Despite the whirlwind change, she observed Holland navigating it with remarkable poise. She expressed pride in his upcoming role in London’s West End production of “Romeo & Juliet,” scheduled for May, emphasizing her eagerness to attend as many shows as possible to support him.

While their relationship has been under the spotlight for years, Zendaya and Holland maintain a private demeanor. However, their desire to visit the Louvre during a trip to Paris prompted attention. Despite warnings about adding to the crowd, they ventured in, and images of their visit circulated on social media. Zendaya recounted the experience with amusement, acknowledging the unique aspect of being both observer and observed in such public spaces.

In a surprising turn of events, the museum permitted them to remain after closing, a privilege Zendaya likened to “Night at the Museum,” labeling it one of the coolest experiences ever.


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