Dr. Prachiti Punde: Balancing Science with Spirituality

Dr. Prachiti Punde: Balancing Science with Spirituality

From the outset, Dr. Prachiti’s academic foundation in MBBS and DA laid the groundwork for her trajectory toward medical brilliance. At the tender age of 13, she delved into scientific studies such as NLP, CBT, Mindfulness Masters, Aura Activation, and engaged in transformative practices like Shivambhu Sadhana and Panchayat Sadhana during her stay in ashrams, guided by revered gurus. Her early connection with spirituality, singing bhajans at 2 and embracing spiritual practices by 8, became the cornerstone of her unique approach to integrated medicine.

Uniting Medicine with Spirituality

As the Director of Prachiti Kokoro since 2008 and Founder Director of ProLuxe Wellness & Studio Pvt Ltd, Dr. Prachiti revolutionizes wellness through patented tools and a groundbreaking mobile app. Beyond borders, her influence extends globally as a Consultant on JOWIN cancer care in Korea. Juggling roles as an Anesthetist and Mindskills Trainer, she artfully harmonizes medical expertise with spiritual wisdom.

Central to Dr. Prachiti’s impact is the Glamowell philosophy, a revolutionary trademarked, patented concept merging wellness with glamour. This innovative approach unfolds through an international grooming school and the benchmarking company Proluxe, offering a fresh perspective on well-being.

Fighting the Challenges

Prachiti’s journey is not without challenges, navigating multifunctionality in Karmala taluka’s hospital, overseeing a mother’s fashion college in Latur, and adapting to metro life in Pune. She juggled working in DD Sahyadri during her MBBS and more. These obstacles, however, became stepping stones to significant milestones. Internationally featured four times for contributions to education in modeling, she seamlessly integrates wellness and glamour, challenging traditional norms. Winning Mrs India 2019 and “Woman Mrs Universe Tolerance” 2021 and recognition from Singapore Airlines underscore her steadfast commitment to excellence.


A Transformative Coach

Beyond professional roles, Dr. Prachiti emerges as an educational visionary and social advocate. Affiliated with top institutions and engaged with renowned organizations, she has conducted over 550 workshops, leaving an indelible mark on 100,000+ students and faculty. Her NGO, Abhijita Mahila Hastakala Kendra, reflects her commitment to empowering rural women through recognized skill development programs. Dr. Prachiti’s global impact is evident in her presence at diplomatic celebrations and international platforms. Her grooming syllabus, “The Divine Beauty,” integrates chakras and life education in the field of fashion, earning recognition on the cover page of an international novel.

Prachiti’s 20 years of expertise shine in transformative coaching, publications, and globally celebrated impactful work, encompassing 15+ books. Dr. Prachiti is not just redefining wellness. As a published author of nine books on self-mastery, 5000 one-to-one coaching clients, 550+ workshops, and 1550+ lectures on self-mastery, she emerges as a modern-age saint on a mission to spread the message of holistic well-being globally.


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