What drop in COVID cases in nursing homes mean

What drop in COVID cases in nursing homes mean

Since the pandemic has began the elderly are the most effected by it because of their low immunity which means more morality rate amongst them. But recently these has been a drop in COVID19 cases in nursing home as reported by the US Health and Human services Department. Since the vaccine has been rolled out and shots have been taken by the elderly there has been an accelerating 22% drop in COVID19 cases in the nursing homes between December 20 to January 12.

This data brings hope to all of us as it means that the vaccine is actually effective. As Rutherford said “These are really good vaccines, and we are seeing them take effect, which is wonderful.” The data has also shown a good efficacy even after one shot.

Since there is a lot of misinformation circulating around about the vaccine being dangerous and causing severe side effects this data helps us regain our faith in science. Not only that rumors about how the vaccine causes infertility combined with the conspiracy theory of a microchip being present inside the vaccine has been spreading fast causing people to have second thoughts.


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