Weaving designs as a concoction of culture and modernity, Dipti Vijayakar creates magic via Kazbee- The Ethnic Lounge

Weaving designs as a concoction of culture and modernity, Dipti Vijayakar creates magic via Kazbee- The Ethnic Lounge

With constant efforts and a creative mind, Dipti Vijayakar and her clothing label, ‘Kazbee- The Ethnic Lounge’, bags the award of ‘Young Women Entrepreneur of the Year’ announced by Transformance Forums.

Designing apparel that can provide comfort and yet grab the eyes of everyone passing by is a dexterity that only the virtuosos in the field hold. Crafting intrinsic designs with fashion artistry keeping up while keeping the trends in mind, fashion designer Dipti Vijayakar procures elegance with her authentic Zari Kazbee Collections.

Weaving simplicity with exquisiteness, Dipti inculcates the traditions of the city in her clothes giving it a vogue statement. Kazbee- The Ethnic Lounge was a passion project initially that swung into being Dipti’s dream of channeling her inherent creative powers. From a 100sq ft garage room space to a boutique shop amidst the grandeur of Mumbai, she made Kazbee the hub of designers. The Indian market is a hub for bridal wear and the most prized possession of the ladies growing up. Bridal wears hold the propensity to be passed onto future generations as heirlooms filled with love and affection. At Kazbee the designers create such ingenious designs, delicately hand tailored to perfection, giving a promise to never lose their touch over time. Their adroitness in authentic and embroidered bridal wear makes them stand out among the most in the market.

As a women entrepreneur, Dipti focuses to empower her clientele with her every piece of style. Each design that comes out of this label has its specific charm and is hand-tailored to perfection. It has contributed to her growth in the business world at an exponential rate. As an entrepreneur venturing into the fashion industry, her inherent motto is to illuminate, simplify, clarify, modify, dignify, dramatize, persuade, and perhaps even to stupefy the world that showers their gaze on the refined style statements she yields.

Being inspired by the city of Mumbai and its thousand years old culture, Dipti came up with the idea of Kazbee, an authentic Zari collection molding it with embroidered perfection. She says, “Kazbee is an attempt to keep the culture of the city alive. Just like the old architectural marvels of Mumbai which are timeless and ageless, the entire Kazbee collection is beyond time. New trends keep coming up in the industry now and then, yet all of them somewhere garner the sophistication that was birthed years ago. Kazbee brings the culture of Pathare Prabhus and the Parsees community, making it dignified and decorous at the same time fulfilling our deeper purpose of curating fashion statements that also depict modernity.”

Blending the traditional tastefulness with luxurious modern elements, Dipti has been an immense source of inspiration for not only her team but also all the women entrepreneurs who are looking to find their calling. She has catered to the needs of a lot of renowned Marathi celebrities and has also designed beauty pageants including Mrs. Dadar. Having launched in 2013, owing to their tireless efforts, Dipti and Kazbee have manifested a strong name in the industry.

Running a successful online and offline store, Dipti could be contacted anytime through her Instagram and website. Giving client feedback the prime importance, she maintains a cordial relationship with all her customers. A woman entrepreneur with a dignified soul full of dedication towards her work, Dipti Vijayakar is a lady to look up to in the fashion industry.


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