RxSAFE Sets an Example of How Innovation Can help In Times of Distress

RxSAFE Sets an Example of How Innovation Can help In Times of Distress

The COVID-19 pandemic did not just create a fear of health, but it also made people apprehensive about their everyday routine. From everyday essentials to self, individuals wanted all to be safe from the virus. The requisite was to make everyone feel secure, and many organizations focused on innovating & creating products to help people for it.

One such example is RxSAFE, whose research team’s focus was to introduce a series of innovative products that counter the threat of Covid-19 and other viruses, bacteria, and disease-causing pathogens.

Kamlesh Karamchandani, Founder & CEO of RxSAFE

“There was worry and anxiety all over. Sanitization was not limited to just hands; people needed overall safety and protection. But repeated use of alcohol-based sanitizing products is harmful to the skin, some people had already understood it, and some will, in the future. We started our work towards addressing this concern and came with a range of innovative products by combining nature and smart chemistry. Our objective was to ensure that everyone should feel secure with safety essentials for the new normal,” said Kamlesh Karamchandani, Founder & CEO of RxSAFE.

Facitize was the first out of many products launched by RxSAFE. It is an on-the-go Face Sanitizer to create an invisible shield around the face and offers instant & long-lasting protection from germs, viruses, and bacteria. An alcohol-free gel induced with nature’s ingredients to provide care and protection. The product also comes for the young ones – Facitize Junior, a product made especially for kids aged 3-13.

“We are also delighted that the lab tests have certified that both Facitize and Facitize Junior effectively prevent Mucormycosis, the Black Fungus. All I would like to say is add this to your daily routine, apply it before wearing a mask and feel protected,” added Kamlesh.

RxSAFE has also launched a range of smart products for a safer lifestyle – Deotize – the deodorant that sanitizes, Ambitize- the air sanitizer, Utensitize- the utensil sanitizer, and Foamtize – the smart foaming hand sanitizer. All these products promise to protect and take care of you by being your safety upgrade.

RxSAFE believes in offering products good for you and the environment too. All the products are vegan and cruelty-free. RxSAFE follows international quality standards and its products are certified by NABL accredited Lab and are manufactured at ISO, and FDA approved facility.

Visit https://rxsafe.in/  to know more about Facitize.


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