Poly Fibre World Introduces Gazebo & Pergola – Do it Yourself Kit

Poly Fibre World Introduces Gazebo & Pergola – Do it Yourself Kit

Poly Fibre world is ready to take a step closer to make India self-dependent. Currently they are offering great solutions in the field of Gazebo and Pergola that has advanced features in variety of sizes, designs, colours, textures, thicknesses and finishes that adds value to the existing products.

Poly Fibre is a material that is not sensitive to heat, cold, or humidity that allows it to sustain its original shape and colour for a longer duration of time during application and throughout its service life. The Do It Yourself – Gazebo & Pergola Kit is a plan from Poly Fibre World that will help reduce the unnecessary cost of installation and wait for a technical expert to assist you to mantle your product.

The greatest quality of a Poly Fibre product is that it dries and bonds extremely well to today’s Polyester Resin – Fibreglass and remains flexible to offer your desired shape.

Poly Fibre world has an experienced team of professionals who look after all your poly fibre product needs related to Modular Room, Porta Cabin, Pillar and Jali, Sculpture, Artefacts and other innovative products.

The process starts by visiting the site and understanding the requirements. Detailed planning and design follows it as per the requirements of a client in the next step. The end product takes care of all the last minute details and is manufactured keeping in mind the durability. Polyfibre world owns a manufacturing unit that is fully independent in its functioning and operations that has the latest technology machines and state of the art facility. It aids the craftsmen to beautifully craft products that are unique and idiosyncratic.

Poly Fibre products are combustion-free and it is one of the lightest systems available in terms of adding or glorifying a product’s worth.

Contributing towards making India self-reliant, the products of Poly Fibre world comes with 10-year warranty.

They are ready to install (modular structures) that minimise efforts and time. All their Wood & Cast Iron finish products are maintenance-free and long-lasting.

It requires no civil work that makes it a suitable choice for non-construction zones. The best feature that saves money in this tough time is that it is extremely cost-effective.

The vision behind this innovative solution is a brainchild of Ankur Khandelwal – Designer,Director & Founder of Poly Fibre World. He has received the Entrepreneur of The Year award for his contribution to the betterment of society with innovative product solutions.

Have a look at their latest launches and solutions here at www.polyfibreworld.com  


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