Marko & Brando bootstrapped its way to revenue of over Rs. 2 Cr

Marko & Brando bootstrapped its way to revenue of over Rs. 2 Cr

Marko & Brando, a Kolkata-based full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2014 by Shreyansh Rohatgi, has bootstrapped its way to a revenue of ₹2Cr. The digital agency which claims to have worked with 450+ clients from various sectors like real estate, ecommerce and education, has 28 team members spanning across its creative, digital and development categories.

Recently, Marko & Brando has won the digital mandate of Vaidheeki Group to develop its branding, web asset development and marketing strategy for its retail fashion brand Vyaghri. It has also won the mandate for Khaitan India’s subsidiary Vistevia Agro Pvt. Ltd., a stevia-based D2C brand where the agency oversees the online sales, web presence and brand building efforts. The alliance is aimed at establishing Vistevia as a leading stevia-based products company that enables diabetics and health enthusiasts to enjoy sweetness in meals without adding sugar.

Shreyansh Rohatgi, founder of Marko & Brando, commenting on the partnership, said, “We are ecstatic with this win. Stevia is not just a sugar-alternative but a problem-solver for existing diabetic-related challenges in a country like India where diabetics are found in every family. We are honoured to partner with the brand; we’re constantly innovating and following a customer-centric approach to deliver on our promises. This mandate is very prestigious for us, and we are committed to make this alliance a huge success.”

Since he founded Marko & Brando in 2014, Shreyansh Rohatgi has worked with a variety of brands. He has more than ten years of expertise in this sector, and he has worked with both Indian and international brands. He bootstrapped the agency and collaborated with brands to grow consistently to establish Marko & Brando among the first choice digital marketing agencies in Eastern India; and achieving an annual revenue of ₹2 Cr.

With a fair knowledge of digital marketing and web technologies, the agency has created successful and actionable marketing approaches across the sphere. It has positioned itself as a one-stop agency for all marketing and web-related services such as performance marketing, brand communication, digital strategy, marketplace sales and web assets management; which helps clients avail all marketing solutions under one roof.

The willingness and capability of Marko & Brando to work closely with each client to figure out why they are different, how they can bridge gaps and break down barriers to create the highest quality digital marketing approach for their clients are the company’s most valuable assets. The company has worked with clients like SREI, Haldia Petrochemicals, Bengal Institute of Business Studies, Kadam India and Space Group.

Rizwan Khan, founder of Greywalk Shoes, commented on its alliance with Marko & Brando stating, “Marko & Brando has been managing my brand for 4 years now; we started during the initial days with brand strategy, followed by e-commerce website development and performance marketing. My brand has grown consistently over the years as we’ve growth-hacked the business as partners, with initiative and support from Marko & Brando’s team.”

About Marko & Brando

Marko & Brando is a full service digital agency in Kolkata, West Bengal. They provide services such as digital advertising, ecommerce website development, marketing sales, social media marketing, design and branding strategy, and web assets management.


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