Kim Jong-un visits Russia amid U.S. concerns about a potential arms trade.

Kim Jong-un visits Russia amid U.S. concerns about a potential arms trade.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s visit to Russia has raised concerns regarding a potential arms deal and Moscow’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict. Kim arrived in Russia with top military officials responsible for nuclear-capable weapons and munitions factories.

The move comes as Russia and North Korea have been drawing closer, driven by Russia’s need for war supplies and Kim’s efforts to strengthen his partnerships with his traditional allies, Moscow and Beijing. This outreach aims to break North Korea’s diplomatic isolation.

South Korea’s military reported that Kim’s train entered Russia, marking his arrival. Notable officials accompanying Kim include Jo Chun Ryong, responsible for munitions policies, which could be significant given North Korea’s vast arsenal of artillery shells and rockets. These munitions could potentially support the Russian army in Ukraine.

Additionally, Pak Thae Song, chairman of North Korea’s space science and technology committee, and Navy Adm. Kim Myong Sik were identified in photos. Their roles are linked to North Korea’s efforts to acquire spy satellites and nuclear-capable ballistic missile submarines, which would require external assistance, potentially from Russia.

Kim may also seek energy and food supplies during his visit. Russia has indicated a willingness to discuss humanitarian aid with the North Korean delegation.

Kim’s group likely includes his foreign minister, Choe Sun Hui, and two top military officials, Korean People’s Army Marshals Ri Pyong Chol and Pak Jong Chon.

The meeting between Kim and Putin is expected to take place in Vladivostok, where Putin is attending an international forum. Their first meeting was held in Vladivostok in 2019.

However, the visit has sparked concerns about potential arms deals or support for North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. It is a significant development in the context of regional and global politics.


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