In few months, the fantasy sports game OneTo11 has gained over 2 lakh users

In few months, the fantasy sports game OneTo11 has gained over 2 lakh users

Fantasy sports games are the new love of gamers. Affordable internet and easy availability to smartphones have led to a massive expansion in this gaming area. The other factor behind its popularity is that it provides the chances to earn. The chance of earning increases the interest of gamers in it. 

The number of fantasy sports game users has increased tremendously in the last few years. In the last three years, from 20 lakhs in 2016 to 9 Cr users in 2019, registering a 4,400% increase. 

In this expanding gaming business, OneTo11 has found its momentum. In a short period, it has become a popular and reliable fantasy sports game for gamers.

Launched very recently on September 30, 2020, OneTo11 has already captured a user-base of over 2 lakh users and generated $250,000 as revenue. Despite missing out on almost half the IPL 2020 the app has been able to find success by focussing on tier2 and tier3 cities and onboarding new users via organic growth tactics of referral bonuses and low cost of entry. 

Intigate Technologies is the parent company of OneTo11 and has been in the technology domain for more than a decade. 11 years of expertise invested in OneTo11 is clearly visible in it. 

OneTo11 currently revolves around the cricket world and covers every event of the domain including IPL, BBL, Abu Dhabi T10, and international cricket fixtures. 

“The goal is to establish a strong user base of cricket lovers and then introduce other sports too for a comprehensive experience of fantasy sports for every Indian. We are ready for upcoming major cricket events in 2021 like IPL, T20 world cup and CPL to capitalize on our great start” mentioned Tirath Sharma , CTO & Co-founder . 

Ravindra Kumar, CEO, and Co-founder of OneTo11 said that the company has always had high hopes from OneTo11 but the overwhelming response and love they get has surprised everyone. 

The company is further planning to expand the app to the US and the Middle East and include other sports like football and baseball.

The Noida based start-up is already about to reach self-sustainability by the end of April 2021. 

The ideology of the company is to establish the best game for the users of fantasy sports games. The mission is to provide the users with the best gaming experience and contest prize value so in turn, users reward OneTo11 with loyalty and brand identity.


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