The organic products of “FERNWEH AGRO” are in demands due to increasing awareness about the chemical infused products

The organic products of  “FERNWEH AGRO” are in demands due to increasing awareness about the chemical infused products

Almost every pack of food comes with added additives, stabilizers and God knows what else. All these are safe for human consumption but up to a certain limit and too much of it can be risky. 

Food items beverages are often adulterated and beauty products are often stuffed with chemicals that are harmful in the long run.

To combat these issues, Dushyant Jharwal comes up with the idea of “FERNWEH AGRO”.

“FERNWEH AGRO” is a certified and reliable Indian brand that sells Tea, Coffee, Organic Herbs & species, and Personal Care products. Fernweh is a German word for the passion to travel to faraway places. The company was founded in 2018 by Dushyant Jharwal to bring organic and the best quality product from far away places and small farmers to the whole country. 

They provide organic products and all their raw material is obtained from ethical sources, majorly small farmers. Not only that, but they use 100% natural and fibrous ways to manufacture and produce them. 

All the products of “FERNWEH AGRO” are organic, and they understand that protecting the environment is their duty also, so they use zero plastic in packaging, and it is completely biodegradable. Their products are also free from any fake flavor, aroma, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. 

“FERNWEH AGRO” made Fresh Fruits Teas without Added Preservatives, and all the sweetness in their products are derived from nature’s sweet nectar, not any unhealthy stored sugar.

Dushyant and his team are dedicated to establishing a niche for Indian products in the organic products market which is currently heavily dominated by foreign brands. 

Their first product was tea from diverse flavors sourced from different parts of India. After tea, FERNWEH AGRO added the coffees. Fernweh Coffees are developed with a range of pure Indian Coffees with a careful blend of arabica & robusta beans. When it comes to beauty products they do not promote fairness cream. They strongly believe every person is beautiful in his own way and your skin does not define your beauty.

They are certified from various sources including ISO 22000, HACCP, USDA Organic, India Organic, RSOCA Organic, Jaivik Bharat, Tea Board of India License, India Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, Dooars-Terai Tea, Kangra Tea, and Nilgiri Tea.

The things that make them different from others are 100% Natural Ingredients, Zero Added Preservatives and Eco-friendly packaging. They follow International Standards and Global Manufacturing Practices.  Their team comprises 80% of skilled female professionals. Link to the site –


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