Governor: As thousands of people are relocated, Ukrainian shelling continues in Belgorod and Russia.

Governor: As thousands of people are relocated, Ukrainian shelling continues in Belgorod and Russia.

According to the governor of the Russian border region of Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov, Ukrainian forces were continuously attacking, causing the deaths of two people, and hundreds of kids were evacuated from the border.

On the Telegram channel, Mr. Gladkov said, “The night was quite restless,” and added that the most recent attack caused a lot of damage to the Volokonovsky and Shebekino districts.

Mr. Gladkov reported that after Ukrainian forces shelled a market area in the middle of the town of Shebekino, fires had started, but added that no one had been hurt. The Ukrainian border is only about 7 kilometres away from Shebekino.

He also added that more than 4,000 people have been transferred to temporary housing in the area.

With increased shelling on border regions as well as attacks across the nation, including this week’s attack on the capital, Russia has become more and more exposed to the reality of the conflict that Moscow started in Ukraine in February 2022.

A Ukrainian “sabotage group” allegedly invaded Russian territory in Belgorod, according to the Russian armed forces, which claimed to have thwarted one of the most dangerous cross-border operations.

In addition to rejecting accusations that its military was involved in the attacks on Belgorod, Ukraine denied attacking Moscow last week.

On Saturday, Mr. Gladkov led 600 kids from the Graivoron and Shebekino districts to a safe place far from the Ukraine border.

He announced that his region is now actually in a state of war. Shebekino, a city with a population of 4000, is being attacked continuously.

Moscow describes its actions in Ukraine as a “special military operation,” not a war, and claims they were started to defend Russia from the danger posed by Ukraine’s steps towards the West.

The conflict, according to Ukraine and its allies, is an unjustified act of land-grabber aggression.


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