Gospel song ‘Rehem’ by Dr.Amit Kamle to release on Teacher’s Day

Gospel song ‘Rehem’ by Dr.Amit Kamle to release on Teacher’s Day

A gospel song filled with spirit soul-soothing connect. Rehem is one such song that’s composed, penned and music by Dr.Amit Kamle and is due for release on 5th September, Teacher’s Day. Sung by Ankur Masih, this song has meaningful lyrics that seek God’s mercy for the sins committed.

Dr.Amit Kamle – M. D (Russia), popularly known as A.K, composed ‘Rehem’, a gospel song that sets you free from the bondage of sins. As a Doctor, Entrepreneur, Educationist, Consultant, Philanthropist, Globetrotter, Guide, Creative Director, Scenarist, Music Producer, Lyricist, and Music Director, Dr. Kamle has always believed in strengthening society and retaining faith in the Almighty.

Rehem is a soul-stirring song that will tug the heart-strings of every listener.   A song like Rehem is for all those who repent and seek for forgiveness. Dr.Amit Kamle says, “Rehem is very close to my heart. In this song, I have described my life journey and my encounters with Christ so far. I have repented, asked for forgiveness and Christ has showered his grace upon me. He alone is my Way, Truth, and life.”

The song will be released on Teachers Day, 5th September worldwide on  https://www.youtube.com/akinternationaltourism


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