Biden announced the end of military presence in Afghanistan

Biden announced the end of military presence in Afghanistan

As he and his wife, Jill Biden, arrive at Dover Air Force Base, President Joe Biden gives a salute.

Hours after the United States removed all of its troops from the war-torn country, US President Joe Biden announced the end of America’s 20-year military presence in Afghanistan.

‘Our 20-year military presence in Afghanistan is now over,’ he declared, applauding the armed services for completing the risky retrograde as planned.

According to the president, he has instructed the Secretary of State to continue to coordinate with US international allies to ensure safe passage for many Americans, Afghan partners, and foreign nationals who wish to leave Afghanistan.

This will involve work to build on the UN Security Council Resolution, which sends a clear message to the Taliban about what the international community expects from them moving ahead, particularly in terms of freedom of movement, he added.

The Taliban has made assurances about safe passage, and the international community will hold them accountable. It will require ongoing diplomacy in Afghanistan and collaboration with regional allies to reopen the airport, enabling continued departures for individuals who want to escape as well as the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghans,’ Biden said.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Antony Blinken indicated that there are only about 200 Americans left in Afghanistan who want to leave, and the US will keep trying to get them out. According to Blinken, the number of Americans left could be closer to 100. Once the Kabul airport reopens, he says, the US will work with Afghanistan’s neighbours to secure their exit, either by land or by charter flight.

Blinken said the US Embassy in Kabul will stay locked and abandoned for the foreseeable future, shortly after the Pentagon announced the end of the US military evacuation on Monday.

He claims that American diplomats who formerly worked out of the now-defunct embassy will be stationed in Doha, Qatar.


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