Dhaka considers India as its closest neighbour, says Bangladesh Foreign Minister when new Indian envoy calls on him

Dhaka considers India as its closest neighbour, says Bangladesh Foreign Minister when new Indian envoy calls on him

Pranay Kumar Verma, the recently appointed Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh, paid AK Abdul Momen a polite visit on Monday, during which he reiterated that Dhaka views India as its closest and most significant neighbour.

He pointed out that the historical, cultural, social, and economic linkages between the two nations are inseparable, and that during the past 50 years, Bangladesh and India’s relationship has reached an all-time high thanks to the visionary leadership of their respective prime ministers.

The statement continues, “He also recalled the significant role played by the people and government of India during the Great War of Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 under the leadership of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.”

Under the dynamism of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has experienced exceptional economic growth, and Momen emphasised this. He also said that in many ways, Bangladesh’s economic development is assisting India’s economic growth.

He reiterated that Bangladesh is positioned to be a “Regional Connectivity Hub” and that India, as the country’s closest neighbour, can benefit from the connectivity outlook as envisioned by Bangladesh’s prime minister. Momen emphasised the requirement for global laws and standards based on open and equitable trade among the nations of the Indo-Pacific region.

The High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh thanked the Foreign Minister for the cordial welcome, said that it is an honour and privilege to work in Bangladesh, and reaffirmed his commitment to work on issues of shared interest to further solidify the positive relations already existing between the two nations. He further stated that Bangladesh is expected to actively participate in G20 meetings during India’s G20 Presidency to advance issues of shared interest in the global conversation.

Momen noted that Bangladesh is providing sanctuary to more than 1.1 million forcibly displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar. Although Bangladesh has been sheltering them out of humanitarian concerns, it has now become a significant difficulty and burden for the nation. To expedite the return of Rohingyas to Myanmar, he sought India’s assistance. The High Commissioner responded by saying that India is likewise eager to find a workable solution to this problem and will keep working to ensure the swift, secure, long-term, and respectable return of Rohingyas to Myanmar, per the release.


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