Clever Fox Publishing – Sculpting an author’s journey

Clever Fox Publishing – Sculpting an author’s journey

It’s said that a pen is mightier than a sword. It is so true in today’s digital world where words have the power to connect with millions of people and leave an impact. Somewhere someone is always inspired by your words. If writing is your passion, you must write flawlessly. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, you will always find an audience.

Also, gone are the days when publishing a book was a herculean task. With publishing houses like Clever Fox Publishing, getting your book published is just a piece of cake. Whether it is editing your book, publishing or marketing the book, Clever Fox Publishing is the right partner. The talented team has a knack over the publishing process and possess the industry knowledge to assist a budding author to fulfill their dream. The joy of holding ones’ book in hand is just so priceless. 

Clever Fox Publishing with their expertise and experience have earned a strong name in the publishing industry. They have been considered as one among the best in hand-holding the writers and supporting them at every phase of authorhood. With 1200+ Projects and 11000+ Community members, their reach is almost around 140+ Countries. Commendable, isn’t it? A brand is built with perseverance, consistency, and customer satisfaction. With 5+ years of experience as a publication house, the company has become one of the most sought after names in the publishing world. They cater to book publishers in India, Children’s book publishers, Fictional books and Hindi book publishers.

Their process involves signing up the account, sharing the book review, signing the contract (on acceptance) and finally publishing the book. Hurray! Simple isn’t it? Furthermore, the team also believes that an impactful promotion is a key to reach a wider audience. Clever Fox Publishing takes the onus of just not publishing your book but also marketing it. They have supported students and teachers in fulfilling their dream to make their thesis or PHD work to a book. The company has organised book fairs in several apartments in Chennai and Bangalore as they feel why readers have to go to a book fair, let the book fair reach out to their home.

The world is completely relying on digital media, challenging the publishing house to meet the reader’s demands. With the shift in the reader’s mind, the need for ebooks is high. Clever Fox Publishing have also mended their ways to map the customers’ needs. Their products include Print Book, E-Book, Audio Book, Video Trailer and eLearning Programs. Along with digital media, they also have good reach towards offline advertising and distribution

Writing is a passion and it requires a lot of efforts to convert your thoughts into words. Let these words reach the right hands – Clever Fox Publishing. 

You may visit to know more about the publishing process. Dial +91-7348932775 to reach out to the experts or share your manuscript at


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