Aarogya Healthcare changing the landscape of affordable Healthcare in India

Aarogya Healthcare changing the landscape of affordable Healthcare in India

Aarogya Healthcare – An Initiative of Mr. Munindra Kumar, DG CCI India to Capture Healthcare Market in 3 Years

 India’s healthcare sector was worth over 140 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, with projections to reach up to 372 billion dollars by 2022.

The country’s healthcare market had become one of the largest sectors in terms of revenue and employment and the industry was growing at a very rapid pace

Inadequate Outlay for Health, Social Inequality, Neglect of Rural Population, Shortage of Medical Personnel, Lack of technology driven solution, Expensive Health Service, Less penetration of Medical Insurance, Low quality of care, Poor accountability, Lack of awareness, Limited access to facilities are the main reasons for the poor Healthcare services in India.

The high cost of healthcare and out-of- pocket expenditure force families to sell their assets, pushing nearly 60 million people into poverty every year.

Nearly 86% of all the medical visit in India are made by ruralites with majority still travelling more than 10  km to avail health care facility of which 70-80% is born out of pocket landing them in poverty

Indian rural health care faces a crisis unmatched to any other social sector

First point of contact is vital for the quality healthcare as many end up going to below standard facilities or quack. Failed Treatment added to the misery of poor as they end up reaching to the wrong place due to lack of awareness

Poor patients receiving outpatient care for chronic conditions at a private facility spent on an average 44% of their monthly household expenditure per treatment, against 23% for those using a public facility.

48% of overnight trips made by millions of Indians from rural areas (25% in urban areas) are for medical purposes, their journey reflecting the growing failures of the public-health system in the world’s fastest-growing economy as per the report of National Sample Survey Office

The North-East region requires over eight lakh additional hospital beds to tackle the inaccessibility of healthcare services for the rural population, according to Public Health Foundation of India.

More than half of India’s rural population uses private healthcare, which is four times as costly as public healthcare, and can cost the poorest 20% of Indians more than 15 times their average monthly expenditure, another National Sample Survey Office report.

Waiting time for Institute like AIIMS is sometimes over one year in so many cases.

According to a Technopak estimate, over 46% of people from small towns have to travel more than 10 km on average to avail a medical service while villages are almost completely off the map when it comes to medical and diagnostic services.

The recent covid 19 is an eye opener of how ill is our Health care system and we lack basis minimal Health care Infrastructure like Bed, Oxygen in most of the Primary and secondary Health Care Centers.

This is where Aarogya Healthcare www.aarogyahealth.org strikingly stands out as a promising option. Aarogya Health Care under the visionary and charismatic leadership of Mr. Munindra Kumar, Director General CCI India (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India) who very clearly understand the business and economy in the region is working tirelessly to change the landscape of affordable Healthcare in India.

Founded by Mr. Munindra Kumar, a visionary leader – Aarogya Healthcare aims to move from sectoral approach of health service delivery to a comprehensive need based healthcare service. Access to basic quality health is one of the major issues our nation faces. We are here to fix it and commit to affordable and quality Healthcare in our country.

He says, “There is immense scope for enhancing healthcare services penetration in India, thus presenting ample opportunity for Investors for the development of the healthcare industry in the region”.

Rising income levels, ageing population, pollution, growing health awareness and changing attitude towards preventive healthcare is expected to boost healthcare services demand in future. Increased precedence of lifestyle diseases and improved access to insurance would be the key contributors to growth. Health insurance is gaining momentum in India.

Aarogya Healthcare is working relentlessly to develop a national public healthcare system that will ensure the quality and affordable healthcare to all citizens.  With India’s best doctors, researchers, educators, retired senior bureaucrat with huge experience in PPP and healthcare specialists in the team, Aarogya Healthcare is going to the game changer  in the affordable healthcare in India.

Experts believe that Aarogya Healthcare will be the biggest name in healthcare by fiscal year 2024.

With array of services like Technology driven healthcare at less than Rs. 100 with vital parameters and best and cheapest Generic Medicine at Tier2, 3, 4 and rural areas along with Pathology and Diagnostics, remote monitoring, referral to our empanelled Hospitals, Mediclaim, Occupational Health, Preventive Care and entire gamut of Healthcare services under one roof will be the game changer. Aarogya healthcare is aligning technology with healthcare for their innovative service.  One can access the best of medical care from the remotest location remotely with the help of technology. These virtual visits and remote patient monitoring will bring down the efforts and costs involved.

Investors have noticed the remarkable potential and a lot of venture capitals, private equity firms and financial institutions are chiming in to invest in this holistic and innovative approach towards affordable healthcare system.  Various state governments have collaborated to bring the helpful services of Aarogya Healthcare in their respective states.

 Aarogya Healthcare is taking a ground breaking initiative to close down the economic gaps in existing healthcare system.  The availability of affordable medical care and medicines will help millions to take the advantage of otherwise an expensive medical system. The unification of quality and affordability in terms of healthcare and public well being amounts considerably to national growth in terms of better living conditions and will play an important role in thriving economy.


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