A Vietnam War helicopter pilot is awarded the Medal of Honour for heroism

A Vietnam War helicopter pilot is awarded the Medal of Honour for heroism

US President Joe Biden recently presented the highest military accolade in the United States to a Vietnam War veteran, specifically a helicopter pilot, for an act of extraordinary valor. Retired Army Captain Larry Taylor, now 81 years old, was honoured for his incredible bravery during a critical moment in 1968.

In that fateful year, Captain Taylor was at the helm of a Cobra helicopter when he faced a dire situation. He had been issued a direct order to return to base, but the circumstances demanded a different course of action. A team of American troops was under heavy enemy fire, perilously close to Ho Chi Minh City. Captain Taylor learned that there was no other helicopter available for their rescue, and he made a courageous choice.

Against all odds, Captain Taylor piloted his Cobra helicopter into the heart of the firefight. It was a daring move, as Cobras had never been used in such a rescue mission before. For approximately half an hour, he engaged in low-level attack runs while the enemy unleashed a torrent of ground fire.

Recognising that the team’s escape route was a death trap, Captain Taylor communicated a new extraction point. When the troops reached the designated location, Captain Taylor executed a daring landing with complete disregard for his own safety. The helicopter was only designed for two occupants, but there wasn’t enough room inside for all four troops. Consequently, they had to cling to the outside of the aircraft.

Captain Taylor’s aircraft endured multiple hits from enemy fire, but he refused to abandon his fellow Americans. President Biden praised his indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment, emphasising that Captain Taylor rewrote the destiny of four families for generations to come.

This distinguished recognition is a testament to Captain Larry Taylor’s exceptional courage, making him one of a select few in American military history to receive the Medal of Honor. Only 3,515 individuals have been awarded this prestigious medal out of the 40 million who have served in the US military since the Civil War. Captain Taylor’s heroic actions during the Vietnam War serve as a shining example of courage and selflessness in the face of danger.


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