Women are shaving off hair to be “less attractive” to Russian troops as rape claims grow

Women are shaving off hair to be “less attractive” to Russian troops as rape claims grow

In recent weeks, horrific stories of Russian forces rapping Ukrainians have emerged from Ukraine, with the deputy mayor of one town revealing that local ladies are plucking their hair.

According to the mayor of one village, Ukrainian women are cutting their hair short to avoid being raped by Russians.

Recent reports that invading troops are using sex attacks as a weapon of war in the besieged country have shocked the world.

It has been reported in various towns and cities that troops rape women and girls in front of their families.

Two young girls were raped in Ivankiv, a small town recently liberated from Russian occupation, according to one source.

According to ITV, Deputy Mayor Maryna Beschastna stated the town’s women are shaving their heads to make themselves “less attractive” to the military.

“Women were dragged out of their basements by their hair so that they could be abused.” “Girls began cutting their hair short to appear less appealing, and as a result, no one looks at them anymore,” she explained.

The claim comes as human rights groups have unearthed evidence that has fueled calls for troops to be held accountable for their actions.

Human Rights Watch (HRW), a non-profit organisation, stated it has discovered evidence of “unspeakable, premeditated brutality and violence” against Ukrainian civilians, which it said should be investigated as war crimes.

“The examples we documented amount to appalling, premeditated brutality and violence against Ukrainian citizens,” said Hugh Williamson, the charity’s Europe and Central Asia head.

Rape, murder, and other violent acts committed by Russian forces against people in their custody should be investigated as war crimes.

“Commanders should understand that failure to act against murder and rape could make them personally liable for war crimes as a matter of command responsibility.”


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