With Lateral Bridge, Utilise the Power of Staff Augmentation to Support and Scale Your Tech Startup

With Lateral Bridge, Utilise the Power of Staff Augmentation to Support and Scale Your Tech Startup

If you are someone from the world of tech startups, staff augmentation may be a more than familiar term to you. Staff augmentation has been a popular choice for tech giants and large companies for years. However, over the last few years, tech startups and mid & small-scale tech companies have began implementing as a long term solution for good reasons. Staff augmentation service allows them to outsource top-domain professionals in an easy, quick, and cost-effective manner. Lateral Bridge is a one-stop staff an aggregator platform that caters to all staff augmentation needs of tech startups.

Bringing the right talent to the table is both a cost-intensive and time-intensive process. When you are at a very early stage of your tech business, such an endeavour might not be ideal for the health of your business. In such a scenario, adopting a staff augmentation model can significantly help startup executives do away with the worry of hiring a full-fledged in-house team. Lateral Bridge helps tech startups and mid-sized tech businesses onboard top talents within 7-30 days at an affordable price point. Moreover, staff augmentation provides exceptional flexibility in terms of finances. With Lateral Bridge’s solutions, businesses can scale up and down their workforce as per their project requirements.

Chirag Thakker – CEO and co-founder, and Abhishek Bartakke – CBO and co-founder, are the founding members of Lateral Bridge. Chirag, a passionate recruiter with 14 years of experience managing HR operations, has also exposure to talent acquisition outside of the country. He has experience in recruiting for senior positions in countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, and the UK. In contrast, Abhishek has over 16 years of organisational expertise in the field of human resources. He also has practical experience in creating and managing operations, enhancing knowledge pools, implementing cultural and behavioural changes, and improving processes.

“When a tech business is at its nascent stage, it cannot really afford huge human blunders during a project. Lateral Bridge’s staff augmentation solutions minimise these cases of such disasters, thanks to our rigorous quality check process.  We ensure that all our partners are well-equipped with talent pool range of 1-10 years of industry experience, and are capable of handling their responsibilities with diligence. Moreover, you can easily integrate our remote resources with your existing in-house team without any major onboarding-training, thus increasing your overall productivity,” adds Chirag.

The company currently has access to a vast offshore and nearshore talent network from new-age talent hubs like Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, Ukraine, Lithuania, Argentina, Mexico, and more, to efficiently serve companies from the US, Europe, Gulf, Africa, Russia, and Southeast Asia. It also plans to enter the New Zealand and Australian markets soon. In addition, Lateral Bridge has already managed to build a supply of 50+ tech vendors across 15+ countries.

Lateral Bridge helps tech startups to address their existing gaps in skills and allows them to focus on their core business instead of worrying about the hiring process. It is on a mission to empower and support small and mid-sized tech businesses in growth and profitability.



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