Congress cites Jaishankar as India’s most unsuccessful foreign minister

Congress cites Jaishankar as India’s most unsuccessful foreign minister

The Indian armed forces, who are defending our territorial sovereignty against all odds on the Indo-China border, were supposedly insulted by S. Jaishankar’s allegedly adoring comments for China, according to the Congress, which dubbed him “India’s most unsuccessful Foreign Minister.”

Supriya Shrinate, a spokeswoman for the Congress, stated during a media briefing on Wednesday at the party’s head office in Delhi that “China is the larger economy and we cannot go and pick an argument with them,” referring to comments made by India’s most unsuccessful foreign minister in an interview with an agency the day before.

On Tuesday, Mr. Jaishankar spoke with the news organisation ANI. She claimed that such remarks “break and shatter” the Indian economy’s morale and “demean” the bravery of our armed forces.

“People don’t need to be reminded that we have a weaker economy than they do, and they shouldn’t pick a conflict with them while they are protecting our territorial sovereignty at the border.” Ms. Shrinate said, “This is one of the most profane statements uttered by any foreign minister.”

Ms. Shrinate claimed Mr. Jaishankar claimed to have served as the longest-serving Indian ambassador to China, which only served to exacerbate the situation. Invoking his knowledge of the industry, Ms. Shrinate demanded to know when the status quo ante would return in April 2020 and why the trade gap had grown to $100 billion. “She said, It’s almost like we’re paying the Chinese Army to launch these incursions.”

She also criticised the government for remaining silent about China, failing to respond to or comment on reports that India had given China nearly 2000 square miles of land, going to turn the surveillance and reconnaissance points into natural barriers, and building a strong military and transportation infrastructure in Doklam and across Pangong Tso Lake.


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