Wecript Search Engine: A Revolutionary Development by an Indian company

Wecript Search Engine: A Revolutionary Development by an Indian company

The modern era is best understood by relating it with the emergence of digital devices and internet services. Since the Internet has become very cheap and is thus affordable by almost all the earning strata of the society for their daily purposes and for entertainment too. The excessive use of the internet has not just come with the relaxation of the human mind but it has also become the threat to people’s privacy, as a solution to this Wecript search engine has popped up along with several other Facilities.

sKarn RoboticS ecosystem products wecript protects its users;s privacy and security by building world-class state-of-the-art technology. So, its prime focus is to make the web safer and secure for everyone, With thousands of downloads already, the company is all set to take the national and international market by storm, With the brightest problem solvers on board, sKarn RoboticS product Wecript search engine aims to tackle the threat posed to the privacy of people and provides accurate results to stop the spreading of fake information.

People often unknowingly trade security and privacy to avail services on the internet. While searching information on the internet on search engines, wecript provides solutions for all the internet surfer’s problems and has been figured out by providing them with no data tracking and accurate information, now what else can be more satisfying. Wecript search engine also have some unusual features such as accurate information, the option to choose any country, supports various formats, image search, fast search, safe search, etc.

Wecript search engine run on their own inbuilt browser to avoid data leakage, for instance, all in one wecript browser, has various exciting features, that run on their own in house search engine not only this browser has a various advanced state of the art technology features like, reader mode, app lock, bookmarks, private download manager, clean design, etc.Apart from the search engine and browser they have various other products like Wecrypt photo editor, which has the most unique and interesting feature which includes features like, face editor, body shape editor, collage, insta square, rotating pictures, and it is easy to save and share.

According to Wecript founder the karn Atmanirbhar Bharat forms the essence of their company, his aim is to make india and world atmanirbhar where people can safely search, browse and share without losing their privacy. They are amongst the very few organizations taking initiatives for women empowerment. They are doing so by creating a pipeline of women leaders and are diversifying the thinking by assigning all the major positions in the company to women.

Overall Wecript and its parent company sKarn RoboticS can be surmised as a great development that is trying its level best to provide the best service to its users. Wecript is definitely going to bring a revolution in the sphere of privacy of the internet and search engines market in the world.

For further information check out their search engine or visit the play store to download Wecript: https://wecript.org/


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