UK healthcare workers are now verified on YouTube to counter online misinformation.

UK healthcare workers are now verified on YouTube to counter online misinformation.

YouTube has introduced a verification system for healthcare professionals in the UK to combat online health misinformation. In 2022, health-related videos were viewed over three billion times in the UK on the video-sharing platform, highlighting the significant demand for healthcare information online.

Since June, doctors, nurses, and psychologists have been applying for YouTube’s verification scheme, which requires them to meet specific criteria established by the tech giant. Successful applicants receive a badge next to their name, indicating that they are genuine, licenced healthcare workers.

While this initiative aims to enhance the quality of healthcare content on YouTube, it’s essential to clarify that it is not intended to replace medical advice from a general practitioner (GP), as emphasized by YouTubers and healthcare professionals alike. The system’s primary purpose is to provide educational content and improve the trustworthiness of health-related information online.

Vishaal Virani, responsible for health content at YouTube, stressed the importance of addressing the vast number of people seeking healthcare information on the platform. He acknowledged that online health information consumption is a reality, and YouTube aims to ensure that the content available meets certain standards, guided by healthcare experts.

Dr. Simi Adedeji, a practicing doctor and YouTuber focusing on skin health and women’s health, highlighted the benefit of using the platform to discuss sensitive or embarrassing topics that individuals might avoid in face-to-face consultations. Creating accessible content helps reduce health anxiety and provides digestible information in understandable language.

Dr. Adedeji, who has been validated as part of YouTube’s verification programme, emphasised that the content she and others create is intended to provide medical education, not medical advice. The goal is to empower the audience with knowledge, ultimately encouraging them to seek professional medical guidance.

The YouTube verification system for healthcare workers complements traditional medical consultations and aims to enhance the reliability of health information online. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to learn about various health topics while emphasising the importance of consulting healthcare professionals for personalised medical advice.



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