Tedx Rankalalake showcased the new zeal in rising entrepreneurs

Tedx Rankalalake showcased the new zeal in rising entrepreneurs

The TEDx Event organized in Kolhapur by Gaurav Ghewade and Shubham Kharade on 14th November, 2021 was based on the theme “Protopia”. Protopia refers to a state of incremental improvement, a term coined by futurist Kevin Kelly.

Gaurav is an Integrated Marketer and Co-founder at Entertainers (NPO), Kolhapur, India with multiple passions, while Shubham is a drug safety analyst and an explorer keen on spreading new ideas. They are the change bringers of society with multiple passion projects and interests that keeps us hooked.

As Kolhapur witnessed this TEDx talk where achievers from all walks of life shared their experiences, one more feather was added to it’s cap, a city famous for its mythical history, world class food and leather chappals.

Speakers who graced the occasion were Akshay Shinde, Brand Builder, Social Activist and Adventurer, Arup Achary, a social Entrepreneur and You Tuber, Devan Bhalla, an Integrated Marketer, Thought Leader and Public Speaker, Dr. Abhinandan Patil, World Record Holder, Cancer Scientist and Social Entrepreneur, Dr. John Intru Disouza, Academic leader and Researcher, Dr Krishna N. Sharma, Academician, Researcher and Author, Mehboobali Soppadla, Life Coah, Catalyst, Agile Leader, Pratik Kakakde, Prime Minister’s Research Fellow, Tech Evangelist and Adventurer, and Heena Joshi Shrivastava, Journalist, Author, Book Coach, Pranav, Corporate Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Kiara Kaur, 5 year old Author.

With 2 international client to begin with at the first for her book mentorship through Writernaama- India’s first online creative writing academy, Heena brings with her 10 years of creative writing experience, 4 books as an author and a passion to help authors on their journey. It looks all easy and glamorous, but it all began with tiny stepping stones of faith amidst odds and judgemental labels of coming out from a small town. What kept her grounded were her strong integrity and principles. Her talk was titled as “Gift Yourself A Question Mark- The Power of Asking Questions.”

A graduate of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Pranav has set benchmarks of thought leadership through corporate trainings and motivational speaking and has touched thousands of lives. He has showcased his mettle by hosting the Longest Online HR training Series Marathon Ever by an Individual in the World- The first person to host and conduct the longest, Non-stop HR Training for 30 Hrs and 1 minute at Zoom on 26th and 27th December 2020-World Record. The title of his talk was “HR 2.0- Never Say, “we will get back to you.”

The speakers mesmerised with their ideas on social activism, marketing, public speaking, motivation, agile leadership, passion projects, thought leadership, social entrepreneurship, academic skills, integrated marketing ideas, and life skills. It was a galaxy of the best brains in their respective fields who shared their ideas and experiences making this event a success.


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