Snac Atac introduces Cornado, a new age corn-based crunchy snack

Snac Atac introduces Cornado, a new age corn-based crunchy snack

Snac Atac is one of the biggest snack manufacturers in the country, known for bringing the next revolution in the snacking industry with products like the Cornado, the Lentil Twister and Gol Mal Pani Puri – all packed with nutrients and immense flavour. Cornado, a corn-based crunchy snack from Snac Atac, is the flag-bearer of this corn revolution. Cornado is available in three exciting flavours which are tangy Tomato Blast, spicy Thai Chilli Rush and creamy Cheese Burst, all packed with flavour and the pure goodness of corn.

Gone are the days when every snack setting ended up being a pack of chips and a bowl of peanuts. We have a new snacking superstar taking the world by a storm – good ol’ delicious corn!

The potato has been the undisputed king of the snacking sector for almost a century. Be it a packet of chips, crisps or cooking fritters at home, potatoes have been the go-to ingredients for packaged as well as cooked snacks across the world.

But at the turn of the millennium, health conscious eating turned into quite a popular prospect with the millennials then, and even with the Gen Z now. The high amount of carbs and starch turned the potato into an unhealthy prospect for snackers all across. This is where the golden corn blew its bugle, onto the centre stage of the snacking industry.

Corn snacks and eatables are turning into an exciting alternative to potato based snacks as corn provides a tastier and healthier snacking experience, with significantly more calories, protein and vitamin content than potatoes.

The corn not only cuts down the excess carbs and starch from the potato, but also blends with every single spice and flavour almost seamlessly!

Be it work-time munchings, party snacking or midnight cravings, corn based snacks like Cornado are turning to into absolute guilt-free favourites for the millennials as well as the Gen Z!

Shrenik Chaudhary, Director, Snac Atac, believes that corn is here to take over the snacking sector once and for all!

“Corn has been a very popular eatable as well as snacking ingredient across the globe, especially in Europe and South America. Even though potatoes are delicious and evergreen, corn is slowly taking over due to its higher nutritional content along with amazing flavour combinations it forms with the likes of chilli, tomatoes and cheese, just to name a few. With Cornado, we are absolutely proud to have set on a journey to make snacking healthier, tastier and a whole lot cooler!”

Guilt-free snacking is the new revolution in the world of snacking, where health and taste take centre stage. When are you joining this crunchy revolution then?

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