San Francisco cops pull over a self-driving automobile.

San Francisco cops pull over a self-driving automobile.

San Francisco cops were faced with a new problem after stopping an autonomous vehicle with no one inside.

Officers approached the automobile, which was being driven by Cruise, since it was not using its headlights.

In the video of the event, a cop says, “There is not nobody in there,” before the automobile moves to a safer location, according to Cruise.

According to the business, the problem with the headlights was caused by human error.

Cruise, a GM subsidiary that develops self-driving technology, has been testing autonomous vehicles (AVs) in the United States. It began offering free night-time rides to members of the public who signed up for a waiting list earlier this year.

Cruise said on Twitter: “As planned, our AV yielded to the police car and pulled over to the next safe area.” No citation was issued after an officer contacted Cruise employees. ”

The corporation has created a YouTube video for law enforcement and other “first responders” that explains how to interact with autonomous vehicles. 

The cars, according to the video, feature microphones that can detect siren noises. 

Before approaching a car, officers should contact a designated phone number to reach the company’s “escalation team,” according to the video.

“The escalation team, for example, can perform a variety of activities remotely, such as unlocking the car and ensuring that it remains in a secure, stationary position.”

The law commissions for England and Wales, as well as the Scottish Legislation Commission, have all urged modifications to the law to deal with self-driving cars.

Independent authorities that monitor and review UK legislation have proposed that if something goes wrong, the firm behind the autonomous driving technology, rather than the driver, be held liable.

As technology advances, problems with self-driving cars will certainly arise, as evidenced by the experience of residents on a peaceful San Francisco street who were inundated with self-driving automobiles.

Other automakers, such as Elon Musk’s Tesla electric car startup, are developing their driverless technologies.


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