Pyramid Infratech: Providing Quality Residence At The Most Reasonable Prices Imaginable

Pyramid Infratech: Providing Quality Residence At The Most Reasonable Prices Imaginable

Every individual dream of a home which they can call theirs, a home that belongs to them, most of the people in India work hard and are yet unable to bring their dream to life, this is usually due to unprecedented price hikes in the real estate. Seeing this problem and with the determination to bring the common man’s dream to reality, the co-founders of Pyramid, Mr. Brahm Dutt, and Mr. Dinesh Kumar decided to set up this esteemed company, Pyramid Infratech, in the year 2008. Basically, they decided to provide the best accommodation to everyone at a sensible price range, and in the year 2008, established Pyramid Infratech Pvt. Ltd. formally.

Based out of Gurugram, Pyramid Infratech stands for timely delivering high-quality affordable residential space. At Pyramid Infratech, their motto is “Quality, Timely Delivery, and Excellence”, which they follow in word and action. This has also been recognized by the government, winning them major urban housing projects under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. This very fact is enough to certify their level of work. Also, the prime locations of their buildings are a factor that adds to its excellence.

The name of the firm is really interesting and holds pure logic behind it, Pyramid is known to be the most strong and stable shape in geometry, which has been recognized uniformly by one and all, be it the ancient civilizations of Egypt or the engineers of this ultra-modern world, and they serve the modern society with the architecture of the contemporary age that is the modern architecture which certainly is the new trend and demand of the world. This company stands for the same strength and stability that they offer to their clients through their buildings. Exclusive locations in the heart of the city at an affordable price is certainly a feature which is not to be easily found.

With projects in hand worth a thousand crores, Pyramid Infratech is a successful and sustainable real estate company, and with their 12 ongoing projects & many to come, they are looking forward to expanding in the future and making affordable housing.

Their projects are an inspiration and the time is not far when this firm will fulfill its aim. They have received “Indian Concrete Institute – Ultratech Cements Awards-2020” and “Outstanding Concrete Structure Awards-2020” for their project “Pyramid-Urban Homes, Sector 70 A, Gurgaon”

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