Players in the Premier League have avoided being suspended for failing to report for international duty

Players in the Premier League have avoided being suspended for failing to report for international duty

After objections concerning their failure to appear for international duty were withdrawn, England-based players were cleared to play for their clubs this weekend.

Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Paraguay had invoked a Fifa rule that would have prohibited players who had not been released for the previous South American World Cup qualifiers from participating for five days.

However, the countries have dropped their lawsuits, which would have prevented 12 players from competing this weekend.

Following discussions with Fifa, the world governing body of football, all of the countries concerned agreed to lift the sanctions.

The decision was made “with good faith, goodwill, and cooperation,” according to Fifa, and was made “based on positive signals and constructive dialogue Fifa has received from the UK government toward the international match window in October.”

The world governing body went on to say that it has been in contact with the UK government, along with the Football Association and Premier League, to avoid a duplicate scenario when the next international window opens in October.

The UK government is now open to finding an acceptable solution with the three organisations, which are working closely together in a spirit of mutual understanding in the interests of everyone, the statement continued.

Because of the 10-day isolation period imposed by UK laws, players who travelled to red list nations during the most recent window would have had to miss numerous games upon their return.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino has urged the authorities to release players from the rules so that they may report for international duty without jeopardising their domestic teams. That call, however, was turned down.

All of the South American qualifications took place in nations on the red Covid-19 travel list of the UK government.

Quarantine is required for anyone entering or returning to the UK from specific countries for a period of ten days.

As a result, some players failed to report for international duty, resulting in Fifa sanctions being imposed by the relevant South American national organisations.


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