Paediatric Dentist, Dr. Premila Naidu felicitated with title ‘Mrs. World Unity’

Paediatric Dentist, Dr. Premila Naidu felicitated with title ‘Mrs. World Unity’

Gone are the days when women were confined to professions that helped them balance their personal lives. Today every woman has surpassed their boundaries and is creating wonders in their respective niches. Dr. Premila Naidu is one such figure who has risen to prominence due to her amazing work and talent. As a multitalented individual, she recently competed in a beauty contest and received the title of ‘Mrs. World Unity,’ as well as the sub-title ‘The Goodwill Ambassadors’ at the prestigious Mrs World International pagent by Barkha Nangia.

Defined by uniqueness in thought, framed by a multi-hued canvas of versatile interests, Dr. Premila’s Premila’s life combines varied roles to create a beautiful whole. She is an accomplished paediatric dentist with over a decade of experience, a passionate biker affiliated with riding clubs across the city, an avid traveler, and aligned with several causes close to her heart. She lives life on her terms.

Dr.Premila began her career as a paediatric dental care doctor in India when few practitioners were dedicated solely to children’s health needs. Over the years, she has continually tried to experiment and innovate in her dental practice, adapting innovative treatment techniques worldwide. The virtuoso has not only shaped many people’s lives, but dedicately, she works for Autism Awareness and children with down syndrome, making the world more inclusive.

Talking about her journey, Dr. Premila Naidu stated,  Founding’ Small Bites is the true culmination of my dream, and working with children brings much happiness. I feel they are straightforward and uncomplicated; they make you see life differently. Although treating them is challenging at times, every kid is different, and doing this for them keeps me going. Over the years, I have interacted with many children with autism and have fallen in love with their unique personalities.”

Dr.Naidu has pursued her numerous artistic endeavors with unbounded excitement and zeal over the years, and now she happily sets her foot into the fashion industry which she feels is something that had been missing so far and is thankful to Mrs world International and glamour gurgaon for this wonderful platform for married women.


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