OnePlace has emerged to be a Game changer in terms of Immigration to Canada

OnePlace has emerged to be a Game changer in terms of Immigration to Canada

Around 2.5 lakh people immigrate to Canada every year from around the world. The reason for this is its thriving economy, happiness index, expanding job market, better quality of life and so much more. But there seems to be a glitch that people keep facing every now and then. This is due to the fact that some consultants focus only on their monetary benefits as a primary goal and thus, end up neglecting the student’s future. Therefore, One Place, which is a trustworthy Canadian organisation came into existence for offering professional and transparent guidance to people for their Study Abroad goals as well as Permanent Residency (PR). They help people to immigrate to Canada in different categories namely Student Visa and Permanent Residency. They have emerged as a leading player recently for Immigration to Canada.

Immigrate as a Student & avail these benefits

Right from the Inception of the idea to study in Canada or abroad till the time a student gets their PR in Canada, OnePlace is always by their side.

From discovering the right college and program or getting help to get a job in Canada, One Place is a one-stop solution. With their support and guidance people can connect directly with colleges/universities without relying on agents. There are no service charges or processing fees for the student category as the primary goal is to serve the society. With a 360 degree approach focusing on your unique profile and requirements they get you to Canada in no time.

Once you visit their website  and check out your eligibility, they will recommend programs best suited for you, and help you obtain a Visa directly through Visa specialists in Canada.

The 5 Step Process to follow to Study in Canada:

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up with OnePlace on and fill in your information to get a customised list of colleges and programs that are best suited for you as per your profile.

Step 2: Review

Consult one-on-one with OnePlace advisors to review and evaluate your Program options. Their advisors will help you fill out the applications to the shortlisted Colleges/Universities.

Step 3: Submit

The applications are submitted directly to the institutions, and you can monitor your application status online at every step.

Step 4: Visa

OnePlace’s accredited, Canada-based immigration consultants will guide you at every step to ensure a smooth and accurate application process. All document submission is done conveniently online. They update you once your Visa has arrived and you are ready to travel and study in Canada.

Step 5: Studies & Career.

Once you start your studies in Canada, OnePlace helps you find co-op programs, internships, and permanent positions to jumpstart your career in Canada. OnePlace also provides career oriented bridge programs for developing real-world career skills to supplement your education.

Immigrate as a Permanent Resident (PR)

Canada seems like a dream to many. You can take the advantage of getting in touch

with Canada-based Immigration lawyers at OnePlace. You do not need to worry about paying hefty amounts to the Canadian lawyers just to talk to them. Your PR process would very well be taken care of seamlessly as per Canadian standards. You will be assisted with your Visa Process, Career Opportunities and Travel needs.

OnePlace has been a revolutionary company in making the process to get to Canada fair and hassle free. Thus, stay away from the rat race and give yourself the advantage of honest visa processing with OnePlace. You can reach out to them on +91 6280450544 or visit their website


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