Know How Binisha and Evlin Led Bedazzles to Become a Groundbreaker in the Industry

Know How Binisha and Evlin Led Bedazzles to Become a Groundbreaker in the Industry

When it comes to jewellery, there is more than just its material value. Jewellery carries emotional values and symbolises love, respect, and achievement. The Indian gems and jewellery industry contributes significantly to the country’s GDP, and the domestic market is also witnessing rapid growth, thanks to more disposable income among Indians. Bedazzles is a luxury jewellery and accessory brand that uses next-generation stones to offer customers luxury jewellery at a reasonable cost.

Talking about Bedazzles and its tremendous growth in income without mentioning its two directors – Binisha Benny and Evlin Mathew. The Bedazzles CEO Binisha Benny is a computer application graduate who began her career as a cabin crew member for SpiceJet. However, she wanted to explore her entrepreneurial potential and decided to venture into the business world as an entrepreneur.

The Bedazzles CMO Evlin Mathew is also a commerce graduate who began her career as a cabin crew member for SpiceJet. She also joined Emirates Airlines before she decided to enter the business world and become an entrepreneur. However, the list of her accomplishments does not end here. Evlin is an artist who is equally involved in her acting career. In fact, she has a couple of movies under her belt.

Both Binisha and Evlin share affection for jewellery, like every Indian woman. So, they decided to transform their passion into a cause-driven business. Together they laid the foundation of Bedazzles Newera Private Limited to offer its customers the best-in-class jewellery and accessories. At Bedazzles, they use the best quality metals to make high-quality jewellery items and make them highly sustainable. It is also one of the first Indian jewellery brands to offer a lifetime guarantee on its products.

The story of Bedazzles is about a dream taking the shape of a successful business. Both Binisha and Evlin see bedazzles as a way to bring a smile to people’s faces by serving them. In fact, their first jobs in the service industry taught them to serve everyone equally, and they follow the same motto at Bedazzles. Moreover, their experience in the service industry made them realise that there is no limit to what women can accomplish. It made them stand up for women’s empowerment and work for the motto “WOMEN FOR WOMEN”.

Bedazzles high-quality jewellery items and reasonable pricing have brought them close to women of every economic class. At Bedazzles, they do not have to compromise on their taste to afford stone jewellery. Moreover, every item sold on their site has been used for a nonprofit donation to different charities, spanning women’s rights, mental health awareness and more. It has been this way that Binisha and Evlin have made Bedazzles a luxury jewellery brand set to disrupt the existing market.



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